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Group OverviewEdit

One day, a man named Landon Rhys was in college and rushing for a frat. Every night, he went out to the nearby bar, got drunk, and had a child with a goddess for 4 days straight. He received all 4 children on 4 consecutive days. That is where our story begins :3

Members (All of their last names are Rhys >.<) Edit

  • Sierra Juliet Rhys-Child of Psyche-Girl-BC-Mine
  • Adrianna Paris Rhys-Child of Thesis-Girl-BC-Kevin
  • Layla Rose Rhys-Former child of Nemesis, Revenge Nymph-BC-Pandora
  • Cameron "Cammie" Payton Rhys - Former Child of Tyche - Luck Nymph - Camp - Unu~

Group History OutlineEdit

  • Landon Rhys is rushing for a frat and has children with 4 consecutive goddesses on 4 consecutive days.
  • These goddesses, in order, are Khione, Thesis, Nemesis, and Tyche
  • 5 months later, he gets 4 baby baskets on 4 consecutive days, each with a child.
  • Sierra is the oldest and Cammie is the youngest
  • The 4 gods see this and decide to connect the siblings with an empathy link so that they could stay bonded forever
  • The siblings end up hating the gods for this and other things eventually, except for Cammie who likes to be connected to them
  • The family gets the first monster attack at 12
  • The monster is a Scythian Dracanae
  • A satyr comes in and destroys the monster
  • He tries to bring the kids to camp
  • The dad doesn't want to let them out of his sight, and he says no.
  • The satyr gives up and leaves and each god sends down a nymph to protect their child.
  • The nymphs train the children to learn how to fight and use their powers.
  • One day, at 15, the kids are driving to a sports game
  • Sierra and Adrianna are in the back
  • They get into a car crash and Cammie survives because of her luck, Sierra and Adrianna because of their placement, but Landon and Layla die
  • Nemesis decides to bring her back as a revenge nymph
  • Layla returns to her family, and they end up in the foster care system
  • They end up in a good home for 3 years until they become legal adults at 18 and have to leave
  • They are wandering around with some food and water
  • A satyr from the BC sniffs them out and brings a group of BC members with him
  • Sierra, Layla, and Adrianna agree to go, thinking that the gods tried to weaken them and make them respect them
  • Tired of being the baby of the family, Cammie refuses so the BC group kills her and leave with the other 3
  • For her loyalty, Tyche brings her back as a luck nymph and brings her to camp