Royal's Rules for Coding
  1. Do NOT ever use my coding without my permission
  2. If you do get my permission, let me explain how to do it
  3. Do not touch or edit my own coding that I made for myself
  4. If I give you permission to use my coding, don't give it to other people
  5. Do not pass off my coding as your own
  6. Always credit me

Royal's Rules for Charries
  1. Do not ask to kill my chars, if I want to kill them I will ask you
  2. Most of my chars are single, so feel free to ask me about relationships, and I will consider
  3. Anything that my chars say, especially the rude ones, is not my opinion >.<
  4. Please, no metagaming or godmodding when you are rping with my chars V.V

Major Charries


Minor Charries


Dead, Gone, or Adopted Out Charries

Planned Charries


Reserved Models